Thursday, 30 April 2009

Blog! I decided to start this as I was finishing my first fully-made-by-me garment. I'm hoping it will be a place for me to note down what worked and what didn't, what mistakes to avoid, how the pattern worked, and generally chart my progress from sewing noob to someone who vaguely knows what they're doing.

To be fair, I've known how to hand sew for a long time, and have played with my mum's sewing machine a few times so I'm not really starting from scratch. I know what a complete noob looks like because I'm going out with one (he was confused by the fact that there are two threads, the turning wheel, the pedal, how the fabric moves...).

In fact I just remembered, the only prize I ever won at school was a prize for needlework in year 7. Got to be a good start!

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